Wishh On A Star

Once Upon A Time...
I Fell Into Love And Couldn't Get Out.

It was a song that I’ve really been wanting to write for a really long time that I think a lot of people could relate to because in this day and age, kids are so influenced by other people and other kids. You know, when somebody is getting bullied at school, everyone else just kind of gets behind the bully so that they don’t get bullied, and it’s this weird circle of events but it ends up leaving somebody in the dust… It sucks and it’s horrible, and people don’t really know what they’re doing at that age. But I wrote this song as kind of an anthem for all the underdog kids who have been bullied their entire life to realize that there is another tomorrow and that all you have to do is essentially just keep breathing, just get through the day, and that there’s a promise of a better light at the end of the next day.

—Travis Clark about Just Keep Breathing. [x] (via wethekingsfans)